Sep 30, 2013

How to fix mouse button - intermittent or loose contact - without soldering a new switch

My mouse stopped function proberly a few days ago and it has driven me almost crazy.Whenever I attepted to do a left-click on something it was rendered as double click, making it next to impossible to play a video (because the very momment I clicked on the play button, a second clik to pause was be triggered) and has effected my productivity a lot.

Hopefully, there is a sollution to it, but it you don't have a set of fine screw drivers and a magnifying glass at your disposal I wouldn't really recomend it. It turns out that mouse buttons work on a very primitive mechanical principle; when you click on the button, your action is transmissed to a small switch wich triggers a gentle touch on a tiny little piece of copper. By bending it, the electrical current is interuppted and click is regisstred. However, after thousands of clicks we do every single day, the properties of this copper clamp change and after a while it is not anymore elastic enough, resulting in decreased preciseness of our clicks.

A normal procedure would be to simply remove the entire clicker and solder a new one, but this can be tricky if you don't have experience in doing this. A temporal sollution, which I tried (and has proven to be effective) is described on the redferret's article available at: