Jun 1, 2009

nastavitveniK 0.1

nastavitveniK (visit its webpage) is next generation of both sKiner and loKalizer. It is universal utility for changing CrystalMonitor skins, applying new fonts, rolling back to old versions, and many more in the future :)

Currently I'm looking for new translations. Serbo-Croatian is already on the way. English, French (thanks to: Adrien Futschi), German, Italian (thanks to: Arnaud Yviquel), Polish (thanks to: Ines Zgonc), Slovene and Spanish (thanks to: Diego Agulló Falcó) translations still exist, but they need some updates. If you are interested in translating CrystalMonitor, you can contact me via my profile.

Basically you need translate just those few strings (translate only inside qutation marks).
Bare minimum (needed for aproval of new translation) are only coremessages (last 14 lines)

WELCOME="Welcome to $SCRIPT_ID! \n\n CrystalMonitor configuring utility!"
WHAT="What do you want today?"
FROMINTERNET="Do you want to install extra packages for CrystalMonitor from the Internet? \n Select No if you've already downloaded file $TAR."
NEXT="Click OK to continue with the next step."
DOWN="Downloading ..."
EXT="Extracting ..."
CLEAN="Cleaning temporary files ..."
PREFVER="Select preferred version:"
PREFSKIN="Select preferred skin:"
SELECTED="You selected:"
ENJOY="Congratulations! \n Enjoy"
ERROR="Error! \n For help send log.txt file to smihael@gmail.com."
SWITCH="Do you want to switch to older version (select Yes) or to switch between skins (select No)?"
CONGA1="Congratulations! Downloading, extracting and cleaning finished successfully! $NEXT"
CONGA2="Congratulations! Extracting finished successfully! $NEXT"
LOC="Select where $TAR is saved"
PLASMA="At this step plasma desktop will be quit for some reasons."
CONGRA3="Congratulations! \n Now you can enjoy CrystalMonitor in your language!"
REPACK="Repackaging ..."
OPT1="change CrystalMonitor skin"
OPT1b="change CrystalMonitor version"
OPT2="change CrystalMonitor language"
OPT3="apply different font"
OPT4="visit project homepage"
OPT5="donate to the project"
NOTIMP="Sorry! \n Function is not yet implemented."
TOTAL="Total usage"
CPU="CPU temperature"
TEMP="Disk temperature"

Thanks to translators in advance :)