Nov 3, 2008

How to: Displaying wlan0 trafic insteand eth0 in CrystalMonitor

Hi! Today we'll talk about how to displaying wlan0 trafic insteand eth0 in CrystalMonitor.

First of all download Crystal Monitor 8.x or 6.x (For 7.x series there is configuration dialogue included) from (the link is

You know, all SuperKaramba powered Plasmoids are zip archives in fact. So do this:
  • replace .sskz with .zip at the end
  • open it in Ark
  • extract it into new folder without other files in it
Go to the folder where CrystalMonitor is extracted in.

Open Crystal.theme file in kwrite (or other prefered text editor, for instance nano a command line one). Press both Ctrl and R keys at the same time; you will get nice search&replace dialogue. Now search for eth0 and set wlan0 for replacment value. Click on the Replace all button.

Save file and close kwrite.

Open Dolphin/Konqueror (or other prefered file manager). Press both Ctrl and F4 keys at the same time; you will get terminal emulator. Type following command:
rm -f *~ && zip -r cm-wlan0.skz
Install newly generated .skz as usually:
  • Right click on the Plasma desktop
  • Select Add widgets > Install new > From file
  • In dialog select SuperKaramba: Karamba desktop theme
  • Open cm8.skz
  • Close dialog
  • Right click on the Plasma desktop
  • Select Crystal Monitor 8.0 item from the list
That is all! So simple!

You can also do this for all other small isuses like that, or just ask me for patches/pre-build binaries.

And at last, but not at least, thanks to mma8x for questing about how to do this...
And relay at last: I'm planning to reimplement configuration dialogue in 9.0 version; you can expect it in the middle of next summer.
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