Sep 26, 2008

Google Translate and Slovene language

Image representing Google Translate as depicte... Google is in its online solution for the translation of texts Google Translate recently to include Slovene language. Web service allows playback to and from the Slovenian in 33 languages, which are currently included in the service, it allows the translation of such texts as well as separate full Web pages on the titles, they cite the service.

Google Translate in the translation used statistical method, which means that the time automatically improves the accuracy of translations, there may also contribute suggestions of users that can be proposed and entered a better translation of the stock. This moment is the accuracy of the translation is very volatile and also different from language to language, but services often occurs when it is necessary to quickly find the right translation of each term or phrase. Unlike similar products from Slovena, the Google Translate service completely free of charge and without unnecesary limitation as to amount of translated texts or translations frequency.

Partialy translated with Google Tranlsate from (+ I correct mistakes)
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