Aug 30, 2008

SmartCam - Turn Your Series 60 Phone Into A Webcam

From announcement:

Check out SmartCam, turns a Symbian Series 60 phone with bluetooth and camera into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC.
Currently tested on Nokia 6600, SmartCam is totally free, released under GPL license and you can find it on The project can benefit from user environment and feedback and can grow to support Series 60 3rd Edition phones.

Yeah, nice there is source code of such a nice project available and for Linux!
Lets try on my Nokia 6120!

  • download from
  • unzip it
  • as root (type su in terminal application)
  • cd smartcam/src/driver
  • make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build M=`pwd` modules # Note that you have to do this every tme you upgrade your kernel
  • /sbin/modprobe videodev
  • /sbin/insmod smartcam.ko
  • Transfer SmartCamS603rdEd.SIS, SmartCamS602ndEd.SIS or jSmartCam.jar (depending of your phone) to your mobile, open it and follow the installation instructions.
  • It is good to pair devices (on phone Bluetooth -> go to tab Paired -> Options -> New paired device -> follow instructions on phone)
  • Leave superuser mode (type exit)
  • ./smartcam
  • It works, enjoy!

Note: some earlier bluez-utils versions don't work with SmartCam.
SmartCam works with Kopete, Ekiga, aMsn and gstreamer (launch gstreamer-properties, go to the video tab, Default Input, and press Test to see if it is supported by gstreamer). Unfortunately it doesn't work with skype, nor with gstfakevideo for skype.

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