Aug 25, 2008

And finally synchronisation with Nokia 6120 on Debian!

Debian OpenLogoImage via Wikipedia After a couple of months when synchronisation in Debian doesn't work at all with syncml plugin, now bug is finally resolved.

It is so easy-beasy thing:
  • Install opensync-plugin-syncml, opensync-plugin-kdepim (and others if you want)
  • Install libwbxml2-0 from Debain unstable (this was the main catch)
  • Install kitchensync and kdepim (unfortunately, only KDE3 version works)
  • Run kitchensync
  • Configure it (details for Nokia 6120; N95; see also
  • Pair devices if you don't before (see my previous post about howto do this)
  • Press Synchronise now button!
  • That is!

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