Aug 8, 2008

CrystalMonitor 8 series


CrystalMonitor 8 is free open-source SuperKaramba theme by Mihael Simonič. It is designed for use in Plasma desktop and provides many useful functions.

And at last, but not at least it's translated to 6 languages (see loKalizer bellow) and thanks to SuperKaramba great structure it's fully skinable (see sKiner bellow).

If you want to support me and developing of this program, you can translate theme (for manuals contact me) or make donation via paypal.

You need
  • Lm-Sensors (Please note: lm-sensors shroud support your mother board)
  • hddtemp

How to install CrystalMonitor 8?
  • Download it from
  • Right click on the Plasma desktop
  • Select Add widgets; Install new; From file
  • In dialog select SuperKaramba: Karamba desktop theme
  • Open cm81.skz
  • Close dialog
  • Right click on the Plasma desktop
  • Select Crystal Monitor 8.0 item from the list
  • That is all! So simple!

More manuals:

Full changelog:
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