Dec 27, 2007

SnowTime theme

First snow is falling here in Slovenia. Holidays time, and at last time for computers.

I totally reinstall my Debian, because kernel problems and too much unnecessary programs on very small disk... (if you want to help me: wish list, donate) But I am very ... and delete exiting KDE configuration. For hours I use Plastic, but I become very sad.

I went to friend to wish him merry Xmas and play some Windows games :D.
My friend shows me Vista theme on his XP, yes he hates Linux :-(, but I sayd that can do better theme. So here is, you can download from its site on

I also include (in fact pasted preview.png in the Gimp) new version of Crystal Monitor.

So what do if you want to use this theme in CM 7. Answer: Stay turned here! I'm preparing bugfix relase of CM (7.1) with this theme too.

Yours Miha

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